Versionone is one of the best SAAS based agile project management tool. I simply love this tool. So far as I’ve seen, one of best enterprise app designed nicely. I spend almost 2 hours a day collaborating with development team and product management on V1. Recently versionone changed its UI which has now got a very sleek look, but during the exercise, version one lost a few key things which have decreased its user experience. Infact, these few things were better in the old design.


·       Moving the “search” from left panel to top right corner decreased its reach and usability. I wish the search could have been closer to list items, and bigger. The other better place for search bar could be on the top navigation bar itself or, just below it as shown

·       Permalink was one of the great things of earlier UI. One was able to copy the item name/number from Versionone and it will copy hyperlink along with it. One was able to launch the item right from email client. Now you have to copy and search the item

·       I find the earlier conversation feature easy to use than it is now. It used to have high visibility& easy updating, when it was right there on the screen in context to the object. Now you have to scroll all the way down.

·       The information hierarchy in story/defect detail is not well-thought during the redesigned. Earlier it was categorized nicely using tabs.  Placing everything on one view certainly increase cognitive load on users.  

·       Assigning an item to multiple team member was never a easy task and still its same. One has to hold CTLR key to select multiple members. The days of thick client UI and “CTRL + Select” has gone   

·       I think story /defect detail window should not be model. One really works on multiple windows at a time and its kind of become roadblock in window management.  The other lame design fact about this model window is hiding close/pop-out controls under scroll bar

·       Story detail window became model instead of new browser, I guess it was a bad decision. Model is good if you want to display minimal info for scan or want user to do small activity.


Still, I love this software and will continue to use. I strongly recommend this tool.   


2 Responses to “VersionOne got better or Worse ?”

  1. Bob Vincent Says:

    Thanks for your well thought out observations. The Spring’11 release was huge for VersionOne both in progress and effort. A lot of new enhancements were introduced in addition to hitting the entire front-end code base. Extensive user testing helped to guide our design decisions. While several functions have moved or changed, search for example, veteran VersionOne users tested well stating that, while different than before, it was easy to find and now in a more intuitive location.

    We’re also regularly releasing incremental and iterative improvements based on usage feedback and continued testing. I’m noting the points you’ve raise here and welcome you to participate in future user testing. Thanks also for your kind words and continued support of VersionOne!

    Bob Vincent
    VersionOne Product Manager

  2. Gajendra Agrawal Says:

    Thanks Bob for encouraging note. I will be very happy to participate in user testing. I will keep posting ideas and suggestions

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